Anxiety & Panic Attacks

When we start feeling like we're always living on fast-forward and we're stressed out, rushing everywhere, thinking, worrying, it's not good. We can start having difficulties concentrating or sleeping well. We may become edgy, irritable, or unable to relax. It might be time to talk to someone.

Anxiety shows up for all sorts of reasons. We May fear that we won't fit in at school or work, or that our partners will stop loving us, or that we won't be able to handle the things that come our way in life. We worry that we'll have a panic attack while driving or that we won't be able to help our families when they rely on us.

Having anxiety is terrible. For some of us, it makes our Hearts palpitate and our stomachs go into knots. We can't think straight, we feel overwhelmed and unable to control the things that are important and we don't know what to do to make it stop. We can't think straight, we feel overwhelmed and unable to control the things that are important and we don't know what to do to make it stop.

Some of us avoid things in life so we can find a way around our anxieties. We simply don't drive on the highway or try to make new friends, or maybe we can't remember the last time we tried to go out on a date. We may spent all our time alone or tune the world out with drugs and alcohol, like marijuana, sleeping pills, or a bottle of wine.

Others of us try to stay ahead of everything or constantly worry about fixing the things we're afraid will stop working. We may always be asking for advice or looking for answers or lay in bed at night going over scenarios again and again, strategizing on how we could fix them. But instead of feeling more in control, our efforts only remind us that everything we fear could really come true and our worlds could come crashing down, leaving us little to control over the outcome, despite how hard we try. 

Having Anxiety Can Be Exhausting
We never truly have peace, or not for long. Relaxation exercises are helpful, but the anxiety just comes back and medications are often addictive and never resolve what's going on inside for us. Although we may not feel like we have the time and energy to deal with our anxieties, perhaps we have too much on our plates as it is, but without help we're always fighting it back, and ultimately, no matter how successful we are, it's always there, nipping at our heels, pushing us to keep moving and worrying.
At GoVa Counseling we know all too well how important our peace of mind is. It can feel like a precious commodity when we don't have any. Let our psychologists help you get a grip on your state of mind and well-being so that you feel empowered and capable once and for all and know you've got your life safely managed in your own hands, where it belongs. Give us a call and we'll get you started on that road in no time!